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John D. Darer is an awful, unprofessional, dangerous; individual who will get what's coming to him in this life or the next.

Consider putting it in brackets...I really enjoyed your article. It taught me (john darer sucks) a lot about the subject of whatever.

John Darer is honestly a brutal bully and his articles about my company are always riddled with lies.

The man does a disservice to our industry. Name withheld (because John Darer is a sick man who cannot be reasoned with), habitually badgers and intimidates other people - especially his competitors and persons who disagree with him

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Only an *** and well known racketeering criminal like John Darer would post such a *** comment like the one quoted below: "The only legitimate places to check complaints for insurance related professionals are your state's insurance department or the Better Business Bureau."

This guy deserves an F rating from the BBB but he pays them off. He is a new age mobster and obviously is a piece of trash talking liar that deserves to be put out of business.

Do your research and look at the history of John Darer. Unprofessional, scammer, liar, never married (same sex marriage is now legal Jon and its a new world we live in we won't make fun of you for your sexual preferences just for your idiotic comments and lies), and he posts ridiculous comments like the one below saying that he has a good rating that he pays for.

John if the BBB is so good why do you smack talk it all the time? This guy is always contradicting himself just another reason to avoid this unprofessional financial adviser.

Please look up your states records to see if he is licensed to even do business there. I don't see 4structures licensed to do business in many of the states that he advertises in.

Very deceptive business practices this guy is into.


i don't know where you are getting your information but it clearly says here that they only solicit business in places they are licensed.

Nevertheless what you say about checking a person or company's license status is a good idea.

As far as racketeering and criminal activity you are not at all credible.

if what you say were true he would be able to be in business

The facts:

In over 30 years in financial services:

No complaints with any state insurance department of the over 30 states. No complaints with any self regulatory organization Accredited A+ with Better Business Bureau, the highest rating, for 12 years AM Best Client Recommended Structured Settlement Expert 2016 (4th consecutive year) Who cares if someone is not married, or has been married 6 times or has 6 kids? It's clear that you have more issues than Time Life. I pity you.

I' ll say a few prayers in church for you.


John Darer is probably the biggest troller in the world. I don't even think he is licensed to do business in half the states he advertises in. The FTC really should stop people like John Darer from leaving their house and using a computer.


John Darer is a known liar and scammer. David Springer has come out and said it over and over again.

The rest of the JG staff is sick and tired of his filth and lies trying to hurt the secondary market. John Darer preys on the weak and poor who do not know any better.

Any of his efforts to promote himself fail because we are fighting back and letting the world know about this scammer. John Darer why dont you write your interested party story about the lady who sued you??


David Springer is an admitted liar, admitted in a deposition, admitted in court testimony and David Springer was found liable by judge in Maryland Federal Court.


Oh David, get a life


Thank God for John Darer! LyneMillerCross is a figment of the imagination for a few Canadians in the structured settlement factoring business and affiliated cheap labor. These cowards can't compete straight up so they invest a lot of time and energy in trashing John Darer which only demonstrates just how incredibly effective John Darer is at getting under their skin by exposing questionable business practices.

Whether you agree with him or not, Darer bravely takes and deflects arrows for the rest of the industry; he is a respected in BOTH the primary and secondary structured settlement marketplace.

Follow John Darer v John Does 1-25 in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, if you have made it this far


The only legitimate places to check complaints for insurance related professionals are your state's insurance department or the Better Business Bureau., LLC has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating with no complaints. This is easily verifiable

The poster of the fake complaint has appeared under varuous pseudonyms and has admitted to taking money to write such complaints.