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John Darer knowingly writes lies and untruths on his blog. He openly tells associates close to him that since he has business insurance covering him against defamation lawsuits that he is immune to being sued and that he can write whatever he likes no matter who it hurts and/or if it true or not.

Mr. Darer has been attacking my husband for the past 4 plus months and before that an associate of my husband's from TN. John Darer is a terrible man who constantly lies and makes false statements that are harming entire businesses and their families. With regards to the person in TN John Darer openly told many people that he found it hilarious that when she sued him over his slanderous blog posts that she spent over $500,000.00 yet he never had to spend a single dime.

John Darer's actions have given me the strength to speak to my congressman about making the defamatory actions of an individual like John Darer a criminal activity. John Darer should not be immune to prosecution when his lies end up hurting honest business people and their families. He needs to know that he will be held accountable for his statements.

In the meantime please do not do business with John Darer of 4Structures, LLC. or read his garbage at structuredsettlements.typepad.com. Get the word out there that John Darer is unprofessional, a liar and in my opinion JOHN DARER IS A CRIMINAL!



One Of The Many Victims Of John Darer's Lies

Monetary Loss: $1.

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John Darer has a lot of complaints out there about him and it's sad that he likes to try and dish it but can't take it. He should be checked into a mental institute as he has serious mental issues which is apparent by the comment he will make in response to this post. Also does anybody know who his current boyfriend is?


Owning insurance is good business and all proves is that John Darer is a good businessman in this respect.

The complaint that someone is immune because they own insurance is ludicrous. If you buy medical insurance it doesn't make you immune to being sick, does it? If you buy car insurance, it doesn't prevent you from being in an accident or becoming injured or dead because of someone else's negligence.

The pea-brained "*** size estimators" ought to get a new day job.


The First Amendment only goes so far. A 14 year old school girl in Arundel County Maryland (the state where the originator of this fake complaint REALLY comes from)sent a threatening email to the author of a book about internet predators. That girl was traced to the school computer and is now suspended from school. She threatened my sister, a well known young adult author.

The *** that wrote this complaint is not a client or former client. It is likely to be the wife of someone in the structured settlement factoring industry ("cash now" for structured settlement pushers) whose sordid scheme John Darer uncovered. It could very well be the "perp" himself.

The rest of you commenters should be careful, very careful of what you refer to as facts. If a complaint is filed against you it is a public record.


Anonymity goes only as far as a court subpoena. You've been forwarned.


The woman is upset and he writes above that he will sue her too.

Good luck honey! It sounds like he is a real piece of ***


I don't know 4Structures in particular but I know this type of guy. Small p*e*n*i*s* usually pretty heavy or f*a*t not attractive in the least, and probably not married.

In other words he has no life and because his life sucks so bad he is depressed and take his anger out on others.

That is where the "bully" attitude comes in. We should feel sorry for these types of people because they really are pathetic.


Sorry my post became really hard to read: it simply said. 4structures sounds like a real *t*u*r*d*!

The woman is upset and he wants to hand her a civil complaint?!? Mr 4Structures there are medicines for the kind of anger issues you have.

The world is a nice place if you can find your way back to it. Regards, Maria


The woman is upset and he wants to hand her a civil complaint.

Mr 4Structures there are medicines for the kind of anger issues you have.

The world is a nice place if you can find your way back to it.




It's ironic that Pissed Consumer says that Personal Attacks will be deleted when this very post is a baseless personal attack. The woman is not from Los Angeles and her husband is believed to be the target of two lawsuits over questionnable business practices.

I know who she is despite the pseudonym and she may be facing a civil complaint herself. As verified tonight, her husband has no association with the subject person from TN as was represented


And wasn't that David Springer, the Mount Airy MD man you seem to allude to, found liable by a Maryland Federal Judge for his questionable business activity in one of those lawsuits.

@Frilly Knickers

I believe you're right Frilly Knckers. But it may be worth reading this http://structuredsettlementwatchdog.net.

The guy has honorable intent. Look at what this guy Springer did.

It's in the Court records. Springer was a lying sack of potatoes.