Southfield, Michigan
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When I thing of troubled young men who must have been picked on by every kid he knew growing up I think of John Darer. This cyber bully is not the type of person I would ever want to do business with and anybody who is lucky enough to read this then you should also know that somebody who's sole job is to take advantage of businesses and to slander the good names of families to try and make a living is a dangerous person.

If you are in the Stamford Connecticut area you will find that this person is a ghost and nobody in town knows him. My family had a structured settlement in Detroit here and we called him and he was *** and rude.

Reason of review: Not honest - Complaints about John Darer.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: To ban this person. .

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John Darer is definitley crazy and is missing a few screws. Actually a lot of screws. So many complaints about John Darer.

@Guy is Crazy

No legitimate complaints, just credential after credential and great commentary.


Y'all are the crazy ones. JD tells it like it is.

See for yourself!


1. He exposed David Springer from Mt Airy MD years before a Maryland judge ruled on Springer's "questionable business practices" (what the judge said in the court record) WORD!

2. He exposed Richart Ruddie, Ryan Blank and Springer for the fake testimonials used in their company advertising. WORD!


He exposed that lawyer forger Jose Camacho story when all the playahs tried to keep it under wraps. WORD! 4. He exposed two companies who did a $1M spread on some poor sucka and then they advertise maximum payouts WORD!

If that's cyberbullying then I guess you favor anarchy huh bro?

I couldn't find one single complaint from a legitimate source about the dude.


the complaints in this industree are crazy